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Relaxing massages for all

Swedish full body massage

If you are looking to ease your aches, pains and work tensions, this deep, rigorous, and relaxing massage is ideal. It provides relief to the back, neck and shoulders. Soothing tight and sore muscles, this massage helps disperse tension nodules.


If you need a slow, calming massage for complete relaxation, you can speak to our trained therapists and your massage can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • 60 minutes - £55

  • 2 hours - £100

Spa Treatment Stones

Bamboo and Hot Stone massage

What is Bamboo massage ?

We use a variety of warm bamboo canes to massage along tense muscles to stretch and re-align the muscular system and stimulate pressure points. Known for its healing properties, this is perfect for those suffering with aching and painful areas to relieve discomfort.

  • Neck, back and shoulders 45 minutes £45

  • Full body 1 hour £ 60

Hot Stones


  • Neck, back and shoulders 45 minutes £45

  • Full body 1 hour £ 60


Relieve that back stress

This is a maximum tension relieving massage. This back massage is specifically designed to target the back, shoulders and neck areas to help in relieving muscle tension and stress from all these areas. Our charges are:


  • Infra-red heat therapy

40 minutes - £40

  • Back, shoulder and neck massage

30 minutes - £30

  • Pre-blended aromatherapy oils for back massage

30 minutes - £30



Welcome to our soothing reflexology treatment! This ancient practice uses pressure points on your feet to promote healing and relaxation throughout your body.

Our skilled therapists will customise your treatment to your specific needs, targeting areas of tension and pain. With gentle pressure and a relaxing atmosphere, you'll feel tension melting away as your body finds its natural balance.

Reflexology has been known to improve circulation, reduce stress, and boost overall wellness. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply looking for a little relaxation, our reflexology treatment is the perfect solution. Come experience the benefits for yourself and leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • 60 minutes - £45


A stimulating leg massage

Complete leg massage


With this massage, your legs and your body are brushed to leave them feeling smooth and stimulated. After a completely therapeutic massage, a mask is applied to refresh tired feet. This massage is indeed one of our favourites!

  • Luxury leg massage

40 minutes - £40


Our body rescue package

We have a special offer on the body rescue package. The body rescue begins with a dry body brush followed by a therapeutic back massage. We then proceed to give you an express facial and nail shape and polish (hands or feet). Includes a complimentary eyebrow shape.

  • Body rescue package

1 hour 45 mins - £100

If you are looking for excellent facials or waxing services you can give us a call today and book your appointment with our therapists.

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