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Facials and Eye Treatments


Bright and beautiful eyes

You can brighten and highlight your eyes by making use of our eyebrow tinting and by shaping your brows. Our eye services include:

Eyebrow wax or tweeze

Eyebrow tinting

Eyelash tinting

Eyebrow, eyelash tinting 

Eyebrow, eyelash tinting and shape

Collagen eye rescue treatment (15 mins)

All tinting services require a skin patch test 24 hours before treatment









Ultra visage facial

90 minutes - £80

As we use the Ultra visage contour machine, the fibres of your muscles are reprogrammed, leading to improved texture and skin tone.

Pure Indulgence

60 minutes - £65

This relaxing facial will soothe your skin and includes a therapeutic face, neck and shoulder massage.

Express facial

40 minutes - £40

Are you in a hurry and need a quick facial? Perfectly designed for those on short time, this treatment includes cleansing, toning and a mask. All of these can be individually selected to suit your skin. This treatment leaves your skin feeling healthy and radiant, giving you maximum results in minimum time.

Revitalising eye rescue treatment

40 minutes - £40

We help firm, tone and revitalise your tired and strained eyes. We can detoxify the eye area with our Ultra visage microcurrent. This is followed by a relaxing collagen eye mask.

Regenerating facial

60 minutes - £65

With this facial, your skin is left oxygenated using a mild high frequency current. This facial helps with facial line softening, reducing the general signs of ageing, sun damage and dehydration. You can rest assured that your skin is completely re-energised.

Deluxe radiance facial with eye firming treatment

60 minutes - £75

We use concentrates that revive the natural moisture in your skin with a Matricol Collagen Mask which pays attention to the gentle eye area. We suggest this facial for easily irritated skin types. 


You can exceptionally rehydrate, calm and soothe the visible signs of ageing. When you choose our services you will experience the difference with a more supple, softer, younger and healthier looking skin.

Student facial

40 minutes - £35

Offering the student facial at a special price only to students, we focus on deep cleansing, toning and exfoliation of your skin. Our hot towel treatment helps unblock pores and reduces the occurrence of blemishes. This is further followed by a suitable moisturiser. Just show our skin care specialists your student ID card.

At The City Centre Beauty Spot, we offer a wide variety of facials that both men and women can choose from. Our facials work on your skin concerns and improve the health of your skin. 


We create customised facials to suit your needs. We help you breathe new life into your skin while ensuring that you relax at the same time. Our variety of facials include:

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